Welcome to TecAce

For over a decade, TecAce has focused on changing the digital landscape by offering an unique blend of system integration and application development services. After many successful projects, both with local and international clients, TecAce has cultivated the experience and know-how to meet any requirement and take on even the most challenging projects. We continually exceed your expectations by thinking ahead of the curve. Our services will always dovetail with your existing product, integrating seamlessly based on your project scope and requirements.

Our 16-year


  • 2015 - Present Expanding to the IoT

    - Connected home, health, lifestyle.
    - Awarded as Finalist in Samsung Gear App Challenge.

  • 2012 - 2014 Released TecAce branded applcations and services

    - Co-developed Android and WP with Samsung for worldwide market.
    - Launched Book SNS - BookAnd, Photography app - CameraAce.
    - Awarded Korea Mobile App Award 2013 for CameraAce.

  • 2009 - 2011 Business expansion to include entire mobile ecosystem

    - Became a development partner of AT&T and SKT.
    - Awarded Samsung App Challenge Silver prize for DialerAce 3D.
    - Co-developed Android and Windows Phone with Samsung for the worldwide market.

  • 2006 - 2008 Entry as an early Innovator in the Smartphone Era

    - Filed a Patent for Mobile Device Screen Enlarging Technology.
    - Co-developed Samsung Blackjack.
    - TecAce Photo Slides and Zoomer Mobile apps as preloaded applications on Samsung Smartphones.

  • 2003 - 2005 Emergent Smartphone Technology Development

    - Started TI BSP cooperative arrangement & enhancement service.
    - Became Master Source Code Partner with Microsoft for MS Mobile Development.
    - CCo-developed the first Windows Mobile GSM phone (B-Bop i750) in the European market.

  • 2000 - Founded in Redmond, WA and Seoul, South Korea

    - Selected as Microsoft System Integrator (SI) for Microsoft Mobile Development.
    - Released TecAce CE Products.

We are different

Why TecAce?


Flexible development process.

Quick turn around process to receive clients' feedback no matter the project size. Also, we are able to provide fast prototype drop for your feasibility test, MVP, or simply to meet your urgent schedule.


In-house developers.

Over 40 in-house engineers in Bellevue, WA & Seoul, Korea will be a part of your team. Our team consists of system architects, hardware engineers, software developers, quality assurance engineers, and designers.


The most experienced developers.

We always recruit and work with seasoned engineers who know the industry inside & out.


Total solutions provider.

Fully integrated solutions of Cloud service and multi-platform clients as well as hardware development.

We love challenges!