Connected Device Development

When mobile devices first emerged in 2000, TecAce was at the cornerstone. Since we've been at the forefront of mobile, we have extensive experience in integrating new silicon hardware platforms into production quality board support packages (BSPs). TecAce has experience getting devices to market fast and in a cost effective manner, from reference designs to finished devices; low level software to high-level applications - our multilayer development service gets the job done to the highest standard at lighting speed.

Sensors and connections

  • You dream it, we implement it. Our extensive experience in sensors, Bluetooth, Beacon, NFC, GPS and power management module development enables mobile devices to sense and interact with their environment in an instant.

Various project experience

  • We have a range of project experience - creating unique exhibition experience with beacon technology, connectin wearable device to home appliance, building Android based 4K 55" touch table, etc.

Total device and service integration

  • We are a multi-disciplinary team of Strategists, architects, Hardware engineer, Software developer and service operators. We have strong one-stop support capability for your IoT project.