Samsung’s focus on connected home and TecAce hopes to meet the goal

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Samsung is making the connected home a big focus of its annual Developer Conference and DJ Koh, the company’s head of Mobile Communications let know whole audience know their focus on connected devices. Samsung Developer Conference 2017 was held in Moscone Center, San Francisco and this was TecAce’s 5th year as a sponsor.

The event also marked the launch of the latest version of the company’s AI. Bixby 2.0 is set to start rolling out across the company’s line of connected products, including handsets, TVs and refrigerators, helping early adopters achieve the long-standing dream of talking to their appliances about sports scores.

TecAce displayed demonstrations of B2C and B2B apps designed for Gear apps and Samsung Family Hub refrigerator apps which is also based on Tizen OS at the conference. There were many developers who wanted to make the jump to Tizen OS development from their current roles and it was good to see developers wanting to join the Tizen eco system.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to showcase our apps and we are definitely looking forward to TDC 2018 to meet other great partners within the industry and expand our presense to others.

First location-based Air quality level app for Samsung Gear

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Our Puget Sound region experienced one of the worst air quality levels recently due to the wildfire from British Columbia region. Not many knew that the air quality level was deemed unhealthy and according to the World Health Organization, the AQI (Air Quality Index) of 150 or higher means everyone may begin to experience some adverse health effects, and members of the sensitive groups may experience more serious effects.

TecAce Software released Air365 - Location based air quality level Gear app last month and it really couldn't have come at a better time for Seattlites. "I used to check my city's air quality level every morning on my phone but I just see real-time air quality level from my wrist right away. It's just awesome." said one of the local Air365 users.

Almost all air quality apps require entering in zip code or city by default but Air365 will find the nearest air quality collection site from user's current location and display the current air quality level.

Not only that, Air365 is equipped with Severe Weather alert feature which includes sending out an alert to the user in case of local/regional weather alerts. More and more users nowadays are health conscious and Air365 should fill that gap just right.

TecAce displays its latests projects at the Tizen Developer Conference 2017

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The Tizen Developer Conference (TDC) 2017 was another success for the Tizen community and TecAce Software. Held at San Francisco’s Hilton Union Square Hotel, developers and device manufacturers from around the world have gathered to explore the many ways that the Tizen ecosystem is fostering exciting IoT innovations and its current IoT industry.

TDC also offered attendees up-close looks at convenient Tizen-based products made possible through collaboration with innovative partners from around the globe. Among the showcased innovations are solutions that allow more businesses and users to streamline connections in their work and daily life, and make it easier for developers to innovate within the Tizen ecosystem.

TecAce displayed demonstrations of B2C and B2B apps designed for Gear apps (Tizen wearable apps). Showcased apps include Gear For Nest, a connected-home application that allows users to conveniently control their Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Cam security camera via their Gear S3, as well as Retail Checkout, a smart mobile checkout solution that utilizes a Gear device and a handheld barcode scanner.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to showcase our apps and we are definitely looking forward to TDC 2018 to meet other great partners within the industry and expand our presense to others.

TecAce's NYC Public Transit app for Gear S3 already receiving spotlight

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Due to TecAce's huge success with the Transit app (Korean) for Gear S2, TecAce's decision for continuing the project for the US Market is already starting to pay off. One of the largest Android news - Android Authority mentioned our app to its audience, praising one of our latest Gear S3 apps that is only focused for New York City transit.

Simple, yet powerful, it's real easy to use. Not only we focused the app for first-time NYC visitors, we made sure even seasoned veretan NYC commuters could use it on a daily basis. Making NYC Public Transit app, a must-have New York City travel companion app for Samsung Gear users.

Unlike other Gear apps, NYC Public Transit is a standalone app. Get all the info you need straight from your Gear. The app also finds nearby stations from your current location, discover all available transit for each transit stations, real-time arrival times, set arrival reminders, find transit delays and much more. Give it a try today! It's a must have for all NYC commuters!

You can now control Nest devices from your Gear devices

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Smartphones have been the primary control devices for home IoT devices like thermostats, smoke alarms, and security cameras. Now, smartwatches are slowly replacing them and hence making one less reason to take out your phone from your pocket. With the growing demand, TecAce Software made this possible for Nest users with the launch of Gear for Nest last month.

The Gear for Nest app has made its for the Gear S2 and the Gear S3 smartwatches. There is also a Gear for Nest Watchface to with it. The app lets users control thermostat’s temperature and set heating and cooling temperatures and activate eco mode. You can also set the different operating modes: home and away status of Nest products.

The Samsung Gear S2 and S3’s unique rotating bezel are a testament to what would happen when art and technology blend together in perfection. The rotating bezel makes it really convenient to do most of the tasks which would be rather difficult to pull off on the small touchscreen of smartwatches.

TecAce featured as a partner in Samsung Gear S3 Unpacking event

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Excitement was in the air in Berlin as Samsung unveiled its anticipated Gear S3. TecAce Software was one of the proud partners that was mentionted in this event. As always, Samsung unpacking events are important to TeAce Software as we are one of the few loyal partners of Samsung Electronics. TecAce's relationship with Samsung dates back all the way to year 2005.

TecAce has been working heavily on Tizen-based Gear projects since early 2015 and we are already well under way with exciting new projects with new clients. TecAce is committed to continuously support Samsung ecosystem & its technology and TecAce Software is also one of the very few Tizen developers in the world which makes us more accountable to develope high-quality Tizen applications.

TecAce will be releasing the Gear apps we have been working on as soong as they are released to the general market. Stay tuned.

TecAce Software flexes its Tizen expertise at Samsung Developer Conference 2016

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TecAce Software was one of the proud sponsors of Samsung Developer Conference 2016 in San Francisco, California. This annual event was held at Monscone Center during April 27th to 28th. Over 4,000 developers around the globe attended Samsung’s prestigious event to learn about Samsung’s overall technology trend and its market strategy at the conference.

As a sponsor of the event, TecAce showcased its exclusive projects with Samsung, dating back since 2005. TecAce is one of the very few Samsung’s development partners whose relationship dates more than decade. TecAce is committed to continuously support Samsung ecosystem and its technology.

In addition to TecAce’s history, TecAce primary focused and evangelized Samsung Gear S2’s superiority and its technology as a true IoT wearable device at the conference. Samsung Gear S2 is powered by Tizen OS and TecAce has been developing Tizen OS apps for world brands on behalf of Samsung. This is one of the presentations TecAce displayed at the conference which explains Samsung Gear S2’s superiority in custom flexible UI, sensor accessibility and powerful standalone features compared to other smart watches out on the market right now.

Lastly, in celebration of TecAce's 16th year in the industry, the team would like to display its company portfolio and history in this 14-page slidehow.

TecAce now silver partner of Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

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Samsung approved TecAce Software as a Silver Partner of the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). SEAP is aimed at providing differentiated benefits to independent software vendor partners and channel partners according to their various needs. The goal of the program is to allow partners in creating new revenue opprotunities in the enterprise mobile business with Samsung products and solutions.

As a Silver Partner, TecAce will work closely with Samsung to develop and market B2B solutions & services on Samsung mobile devices. The program is committed to building mutually-beneficial and long-lasting relationships with partners who can help Samsung grow in the enterprise mobility space. TecAce will use this partnership to further strengthen its offering of enterprise solutions on Samsung devices.

TecAce will be a sponsor for Samsung Developer Conference 2016

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This is the biggest developer conference for Samsung and TecAce Software is proud to be a sponsor for SDC 2016 in Moscone West, San Francisco, CA. This event will be held on April 27 - 28 and it will bring together thousands of developers, Samsung experts, partners and industry leaders from all around the world to connect, explore, showcase solutions and the technology.

TecAce Software has been the industry leader of Tizen OS as no other providers can match what we have done in Wearable/IoT development in the last couple of years. TecAce has participated in more than 30 projects of IoT device development with the world's most valuable companies. Over 16 years of embedded/mobile platform expertise is proven by thinking ahead of the curve.

Join at TecAce SDC 2016 booth and experience Tizen OS in Wearable apps like never before. TecAce team will be happy to demonstrate the apps and also explain how Tizen OS could disrupt the future and change the way we live - from healthcare, to virtual reality to Wearables and IoT.

More details & registration info :

TecAce Software :

Tecace Showcases its Tizen apps at the 2015 Tizen Developer Conference in Shenzhen, China

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Tecace software was invited to the 2015 Tizen Developer Conference held in Shenzhen, China on Sept 17-18 as a developer partner.Tecace proudly demonstrated its developed Tizen applications on mobile and wearable devices. The Tizen Developer Conference is an annual event for open source and application developers who are interested in Tizen platform.

The total attendees were in the thousands and developers all around China and Asia gathered in this annual event to experience “The Best Way to Connect Everything” which was the main slogan of the conference.

As a Tizen expert, Tecace software offered a preview of middleware in development and also demonstrated a few apps for the Samsung Gear and the successfully launched Samsung Tizen OS smartphone – Tizen Z1. Tecace’s featured development tool allows the user to create high performance Tizen native (EFL) apps using LUA scripts. The LUA UI library, with its easy, intuitive feel, outdoes EFL. Development time is dramatically shortened by reducing the building, packaging, and testing periods.

Avengers Exhibition project using Beacon and Wearable technology

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TecAce Solutions, a subsidiary in Seoul Korea, successfully completed Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N project in May 2015. The exhibition was held at Yongsan War Memorial center in Seoul, Korea and which displays the Avengers heros’ costumes, props and character's story.

However, it is not ordinary exhibition, visitors can go through new experience with wearable devices – especially Samsung Gear S.

To actualize the experience, we have utilized Beacon technology and the cool wearable devices. We installed beacons and wearable app communicating with the beacons. Once visitors create profiles, they receive Gear S and it guides new experience in the exhibition. When entering in a hero room, visitors are getting corresponding contents such as video clips and quiz with the hero. Installed numerous beacons in whole exhibit center detect where visitors are through communicating with the Gear S.

Beacon, near wireless communication device, is based of Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It was introduced as iBeacon by Apple in WWDC 2013. Google also launched open beacon format called Eddystone. As location based service and IoT are getting more integrated into our life, the beacon market will enlarge and be 4.5 million active beacons overall by year end 2018, according to Business Insider Report. It will be one of core technologies in IoT era.

TecAce Joins the Tizen Association Partner Program

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TecAce Software has become an official partner in the Tizen Association Partner Program. In their chase to be the best mobile solutions provider in the world, TecAce has joined the Tizen Association Partner Program in order to reside on the bleeding edge of Tizen and IoT technology.

The Tizen Association Partner Program seeks to broaden support of the Tizen Platform across a diverse set of connected device manufacturers, network operators, application developers and independent software vendors. Through cooperation and transparency, this program will bolster and launch the Tizen open source platform into the latest frontier of interconnected technology.

This relationship will give TecAce access to the latest news, information, public demo opportunities, and the opportunity to work with Tizen Association board member companies in key workgroups. The Tizen Association partners with members to create a community of innovators focused on bringing rich user experiences to consumers quickly. With the establishment of this relationship, TecAce will build upon its leadership role as a wearable and IoT device software developer, now with the support and partnership of the Tizen Association and its partners.

The diverse nature of the Internet of Things ecosystem requires software developers to adapt to the numerous different platforms and interfaces Tizen will be deployed upon, including televisions, wearables, automobiles, and home. The challenges presented in optimization for each platform can be overcome with communication and collaboration between the many members of the community.

Chang Han, CEO of TecAce, commented, “Our goal is to work closely with Tizen partners to expedite the development of mature Tizen applications and deploy them into the market.”

With a dozen Tizen applications under their belt and expertise ranging from photography, smart home and personal fitness, TecAce is prepared to tackle any and all challenges thrown their way. With a new app ecosystem and emerging hardware, TecAce will work closely with the Tizen Association Partner Program and its members to deliver the best experience possible with the open-source operating system for all devices.

TecAce Receives 2014 Best of Bellevue Award

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TecAce has been selected for the 2014 Best of Bellevue Award in the Software Company category by the Bellevue Award Program.

Each year, the Bellevue Award Program identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Bellevue area a great place to live, work and play.