You can now control Nest devices from your Gear devices

13 December 2016
Smartphones have been the primary control devices for home IoT devices like thermostats, smoke alarms, and security cameras. Now, smartwatches are slowly replacing them and hence making one less reason to take out your phone from your pocket. With the growing demand, TecAce Software made this possible for Nest users with the launch of Gear for Nest last month.The Gear for Nest app has made its for the Gear S2 and the Gear S3 smartwatches. There is also a Gear for Nest Watchface to with it. The app lets users control thermostat’s temperature and set heating and cooling temperatures and activate eco mode. You can also set the different operating modes: home and away status of Nest products.The Samsung Gear S2 and S3’s unique rotating bezel are a testament to what would happen when art and technology blend together in perfection. The rotating bezel makes it really convenient to do most of the tasks which would be rather difficult to pull off on the small touchscreen of smartwatches.13

What's New

  • TecAce featured as a partner in Samsung Gear S3 Unpacking event

    Excitement was in the air in Berlin as Samsung unveiled its anticipated Gear S3. TecAce Software was one of the proud partners that was mentionted in this event. As always, Samsung unpacking events are important to TecAce Software as we are one of the few loyal partners of Samsung Electronics. TecAce’s relationship with Samsung dates back all the way to year 2005.TecAce has been working heavily on Tizen-based Gear projects since early 2015 and we are already well under way with exciting new projects with new clients. TecAce is committed to continuously support Samsung ecosystem & its technology and TecAce Software is also one of the very few Tizen developers in the world which makes us more accountable to develope high-quality Tizen applications.TecAce will be releasing the Gear apps we have been working on as soong as they are released to the general market. Stay tuned.
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  • TecAce Software flexes its Tizen expertise at Samsung Developer Conference 2016

    TecAce Software was one of the proud sponsors of Samsung Developer Conference 2016 in San Francisco, California. This annual event was held at Monscone Center during April 27th to 28th. Over 4,000 developers around the globe attended Samsung’s prestigious event to learn about Samsung’s overall technology trend and its market strategy at the conference.As a sponsor of the event, TecAce showcased its exclusive projects with Samsung, dating back since 2005. TecAce is one of the very few Samsung’s development partners whose relationship dates more than decade. TecAce is committed to continuously support Samsung ecosystem and its technology.In addition to TecAce’s history, TecAce primary focused and evangelized Samsung Gear S2’s superiority and its technology as a true IoT wearable device at the conference. Samsung Gear S2 is powered by Tizen OS and TecAce has been developing Tizen OS apps for world brands on behalf of Samsung. This is one of the presentations TecAce displayed at the conference which explains Samsung Gear S2’s superiority in custom flexible UI, sensor accessibility and powerful standalone features compared to other smart watches out on the market right now.Lastly, in celebration of TecAce’s 16th year in the industry, the team would like to display its company portfolio and history in this 14-page slidehow.
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  • TecAce now silver partner of Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

    Samsung approved TecAce Software as a Silver Partner of the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). SEAP is aimed at providing differentiated benefits to independent software vendor partners and channel partners according to their various needs. The goal of the program is to allow partners in creating new revenue opprotunities in the enterprise mobile business with Samsung products and solutions.As a Silver Partner, TecAce will work closely with Samsung to develop and market B2B solutions & services on Samsung mobile devices. The program is committed to building mutually-beneficial and long-lasting relationships with partners who can help Samsung grow in the enterprise mobility space. TecAce will use this partnership to further strengthen its offering of enterprise solutions on Samsung devices.
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