TecAce wows developers from all over the world at SDC18

09 November 2018

Year 2018 can be considered one of the biggest year for Samsung with its announcement of the foldable smartphone and game streaming service across all platforms around the world partnered with Microsoft/Xbox at Moscone Center in San Francisco on November 7th and 8th.

TecAce Software was invited to take part in this grand event as one of the leading partners of Samsung to showcase our expertise in Tizen wearable solution development.

The centerpiece of TecAce’s showcase was a messaging platform called AI Chat. TecAce’s the state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Chat Platform enables seamless communications among friends, family, and employees through multi-devices including Galaxy Watch, Bixby speaker, Smart TV, and Tablet on Kiosk.

AI Chat provides an ability for a user to send and receive messages to their peers right from the watchface without opening the application. With its speech to text feature, there is no need to type a message. Instead, speak your message and AI Chat will convert it to text. In addition, push to talk feature allows a user to talk to another in real time even when the watch is not activated.

It was a successful demonstration of TecAce’s expertise and potential to the developers from all over the world. They were very interested in our products including AI Chat and what TecAce will bring to the developer community in the near future.